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"The bond & retention of the rapid dry is AMAZING! My school taught with The Lashe and I love their kit. All the products are consistent . It doesn't have any strong fumes or smell. The dry time is quick so it doesn’t slow you down. The lashes hold their curl and are extremely easy to peel off. My clients love their retail, especially the conditioner and cleanser. The cleanser is not oily at all and acts like a makeup remover. The conditioner keeps my clients' lashes glossy and healthy." Chicago, Illinois | January 31, 2022 | via Google

Becky S.

"During the COVID-19 the 3 months that we weren’t able to get any type of spa done . I managed to keep my lashes in great health and condition using “ THE LASHE CONDITIONER & GEL PADS “ I truly love how my eyes feel and the moisture that it provides for under my eye and the growth of my lashes. My stylist even made a statement that they were so healthy!!!" Highland Park, IL | June 26, 2020 | via Google

Vivian Levine

"If you want to create a beautiful, long lasting professional lash service for your clients you should use The Lashe Products, Education and tools. I have tried every kind of adhesive and extensions, no exaggeration. The Lashe is its own class in this industry. I have no reason to try any other products again. Lotus Lash & Brow | Dallas, Texas | January 30, 2022 | via Google

Isabell, D.

"Love the Lashe's customer service. I’ve never had any other company respond so quickly and efficiently. The Rapid dry works great. It has a slight learning curve like most products but they actually respond and help you. The quality of their lashes and aftercare are top notch and pricing is good especially with their retail policy." January 20, 2022 | via Google

Alissa Blackburn

"I absolutely adore The Lashe products! The rapid dry is the best lash glue. And the aftercare is the bomb! My clients are now coming in every 3 and half weeks and some at 4 weeks for their fills. Their professional pricing for aftercare is also a great perk." July 15, 2020 | via Google

Ashley P

Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattooing FAQ's

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Yes. Once candidacy is determined, the procedure methods are strictly regulated by the Illinois Department of Health and OSHA which are strictly adhered to. All items used in the procedure are single-use and are packaged in sterile packaging. Once the items have been used they are disposed of according to medical waste regulated procedures. With each client and each visit, new materials are used. The pigments we use are highly regulated and produced in the United States. They are non-toxic and hypoallergenic and have clear sterile packaging and dated for expiration.

Pigment retention is based on many factors such as aftercare, sun exposure, skin treatments such as chemical peels, medications taken and your immune system. The treatment can last from 3 to 5 years depending on how you care for your brows.

A thorough medical evaluation will be given to you prior to your appointment at the initial consultation and reviewed by your artist. Once your medical history and skin has been analyzed, a determination will be made as to your candidacy.

This tattoo technique is a new method to precisely tattoo fine hair strokes and crisp lines in the brow area to create the optical illusion of real brow hair.

It is not like a conventional tattoo that goes deep into the skin. A very fine blade is used to implant pigment in short hair strokes between the dermal and epidermal bands of the skin. The abrasion created by the hair stroke tattoo is finer than a paper cut.

In the case of certain skin conditions, we will do a scratch test behind your ear to determine candidacy. A scratch test involves us applying one hair stroke to a discrete zone of the body to determine if any issues arise. A doctor’s clearance may be required.

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